Welcome to ARW

A line addicted to creating locally handmade pieces with intricate construction. ARW is here to take simplistic shapes that flatter any body type and give it constructional detail to create a piece that will last season after season. A finished look that can take you to whatever sort of event or adventure your city has in store.

As a Buffalo, NY native, what has inspired me for this line is the city all around me. Each neighborhood holds such history within its buildings and homes. Small details everywhere seem to overwhelm the architecture, and create a collaboration of artistry and structure that has lasted for decades.

My name is Ashton Warner, creator and designer of ARW. Upon graduating from Buffalo State College in 2017 with a degree in Apparel Design, I sought to use my knowledge and experience to find my place in the NYC industry. From working with a local Brooklyn-based designer to a theatrical costume shop, I slowly came to the realization that Buffalo is truly the place I belong. The local community is something to thrive in, and I could not be more excited to dive right in.